Chet L Saunders


Welcome to Saunders Financial Group.   For over 27 years I have been assisting clients with their financial plans.   I specialize in the areas of investment planning and life insurance planning, specifically IRAs, Roth IRAs and 401k's as well as life insurance.  I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your financial needs.  It's been my experience that it is best to meet one-on-one to better understand your specific goals and objectives;  and as an independent advisor, I have the support of a team of quality companies that assist in the planning necessary to meet your needs.  Being independent also means I work for you, my client, and not a specific company.  Something I have always felt is very important.

No matter when I update this I can still say the same thing and that is that the markets continue to be a volatile and a seemingly unpredictable place to invest.  However, they have been rewarding in many areas over the past few years.  And of course there is always an abundance of information available, the problem is determining what is best and what is reliable and pertinent for your particular strategy.   Which is why I feel it's important to have someone that you can trust and depend on to assist you and your family, or your company through this maze of information.  Someone that is on your side.  I am always available by phone, email or face-to-face meetings to discuss any concerns or thoughts you may have.  So send me a note if you would like to meet and see what goals we can accomplish together. 

Thank you for visiting the website.   Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated, and please feel free to refer anyone to the website.


Your interest is greatly appreciated.  Thank you again,

Chet L. Saunders 

Investment Advisor Representative

SagePoint Financial Inc.